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Children´s Home

Fundación Paidi currently protects and safeguards the rights of  children and teens who suffer different types of abuse, violence or mistreatment and aren´t able to live with their own families. 


In our Casa Hogar we provide them housing, nutrition, education, meaningful connections, therapies and a life full of love, dignity and  purpose. 

¿ Y si jugamos? 


It is a community project where life skills are worked on, such as empathy, self-knowledge, managing emotions, decision making, and many more.
It works as a workshop and is aimed at children, adolescents, and parents who seek to promote, together with Paidi, a new culture of development, protection, and love among themselves and the community.
The workshop takes place in our play center which promotes learning, playing and creativity. The main porpouse of this proyect is to guide people to learn how to play the game of living. 

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